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It is possible to publish native advertising on all of our sites. Native advertising is a fast
and effective way to get your brand or product to flourish. As an advertiser, you have
direct communication with our visitors, fast and measurable results – and increased
familiarity and trust in your brand.

Impact of native advertising:
∙ Attracts more attention than banner advertising
∙ Generates curiosity
∙ Builds the brand
∙ Boosts sales

Native advertising is divided into four parts:
1. A promotion on the landing page that is integrated into the editorial flow.
2. The actual native article always comes out as article two in the editorial flow.
3. All of the customer’s native articles are gathered together for optimal navigation.
4. We monitor and measure traffic and update the content based on the visitor’s needs.
Campaign follow-up is always supplied to the customer.
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