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General guidelines

Material must be delivered at least:
* 3 working days before campaign start, regular formats.
* 5-15 working days before campaign start, special formats.

Send the ad material and any questions to Ad ops via digitaltraffic@mag.bonnier.se. If material is delivered late, the planned start date cannot be guaranteed. The following information must be included: advertiser and campaign name, start and end date, URL(s) for landing page(s) and contact details.


All requests to external sources must be absolute path and requested over SSL/TLS, which
means that the url must start with https://. Used domain must have valid SSL-certificate.

Browser support

The ads must be able to work in all current versions of listed browsers. The functionality is to be tested and ensured by the ad ad developer/creator.
  • - Internet Explorer
  • - Mozilla Firefox
  • - Safari
  • - Opera
  • - Google Chrome


Sound must only be activated on the active request of the user via a volume control button. The default is sound off/mute.

Max weight

The max weight of a creative relates to the initially downloaded total file size.

For HTML5 the material size relates to the total file size of the compressed zip file according to IAB-standard. If more than one creative is delivered, each creative should be compressed separately.

Note that 3rd party script from for example Google, Sizmek, Adform is counted as a part of the total weight of the ad. This mean as a creator/developer you are limited. Please advice that polite load is preferred.



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